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It is with regret in this era of excess litigation that this diclaimer is made or even needed.

The content of this site is displayed for information sevices only and is subject to change without notice. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of information, users are responsible for making their own assessments.

Whilst the site does contains some training information, training is not static and always needs to be adapted to the animal and the situation and the trainers skills at the time. Please remember when making training decisions the number one training maxim, 'First do no harm'.

It is recommended in all instances of training problems to seek the help of a qualified professional. It is also recommended before doing so to research your problem well from reputable sources, and also research the methods and experience of the professional whose help you seek. This information is necessary in order to help make an informed decision.

No liability or responsibility is accepted or implied for losses or damage incurred as a result of anyone using the training information on this site incorrectly.

The intent of information supplied is to provoke thought and supply suggestions for contemplation and questioning, and as an aid to be considered in the overall scheme of what may be right in a given situation at the time.

Some information may be helpful for the purpose of prevention of problems, as previously stated obtaining the assistance of a qualified professional for all training purposes is recommended.

Links to third party sites are provided for your convenience and interest and hopefully enjoyment. While many sites are regarded as supplying information in accordance with the philosophy at Waiiri, not all content on all sites should be seen as being endorsed by Waiiri.

Waiiri makes no warranties that this site nor any linked third party site is free from computer viruses or other contamination.

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