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WAIIRI Australian
Cattle Dogs

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WAIIRI Australian Cattle Dogs

My aim with Waiiri Australian Cattle Dogs is first and foremost to breed for temperament and trainability.

I aim to breed sound dogs with good conformation that will be successful in the show ring, and an ambassador for the cattle dog breed; but as the majority of my pups are destined to be someones best friend and family companion, I will choose a male to mate with my girls only if his temperament lives up to his showing credentials!

My breeding stock are my companions, so my girls will only have 2 3 litters throughout their life, interspersed with training, trialling, and some dog conformation shows to validate their place in the breeding program, but their real purpose is to be a house dog, companion, friend, and live a good life running around the farm with me while I feed and work the horses, and sleep inside in front of the fire with me at night.

My puppies are born and spend their early life indoors amidst the commotion of living, so when they leave here, they are usually house trained, socialised, accustomed to car rides and outings, accustomed to handling and noises and people and life.They will have been registered with the Canine Council, microchipped, had their first puppy vaccination, been wormed 4 times, frontlined as a precaution for fleas, and they will be happy with being handled, restrained, toes and tails played with, and general things that may happen to them in day to day life.

They also leave here only to go to good homes, so respective puppy purchasers will be screened for suitability for cattle dog ownership. Cattle dogs are very active dogs, not always suited to suburbia except with the right owner, who is happy to put in the time and effort it takes to keep their dog mentally and physically happy. Please read my cattle dog appraisal to see if an active cattle dog will really suit your lifestyle.

My puppies all go with complimentary puppy training notes, and backup help and support for either training, showing, or just help with fitting in and  becoming good happy well adjusted family pets, and well behaved canine members of our community with responsible happy owners.

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