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Dressage Warmbloods

Getting into Warmbloods and dressage was either purely accidental, or maybe just the road life took me down. I early on had an Anglo that was challenging to say the least, he taught me many good safe horse handling skills, safe rope techniques, and care to listen to his view and not overface him.

He also started me on the path to dressage – all I knew of dressage at the time was it involved training, and well trained I figured would be safer to ride, which I needed with my Anglo!

Because my Anglo was such a challenge, I decided my next horse would be a Warmblood as I had heard that they were quiet. I spent some time looking and assessing movement in youngsters, and eventually found a yearling that I liked.

Never again will I have the good fortune to be so graced and so lucky to have a horse that was so quiet and so gifted and so obliging and gave so much and tried so hard, with movement and rythym to boot.  

It wasn’t til quite a few years later that I discovered that not all Warmbloods were that good!!  Please read my page on Fourwinds Wilderness competition career, which although impressive goes no way toward doing justice to such a wonderful creature, with the biggest heart you could hope for.

It is my hope that by using positive reinforcement training, especially clicker training, that perhaps I have a chance to in the future have a horse that will give me even just a fraction of the rapport and willingness and communication that Fourwinds Wilderness gave.  If so I will still have a very amazing and talented horse that can be my riding companion for the next eighteen or so years. And I will have two headstarts – a daughter or son of my grand old man, and clicker training to give me better communication.

My Warmblood breeding program was very small scale. I have a few handpicked mares that complimented my stallions conformation, yet at the same time retaining the movement and the rythym and the willingness and most especially the trainability. Now Fourwinds Wilderness is no longer with us, the mares will stay here in retirement.

I do have some very promising young progeny still available by Fourwinds Wilderness. Please contact me for more details. 


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